Honey -Natural Sweetner

Honey -Natural Sweetner

Anything that takes so much of hard work and dedication to make must be really sweet and fruitful. Honey is the result of the hard work done by swarm of bees before it travels to the supermarket and takes another journey to reach our homes.

Honey is basically sweet viscous food substance produced by bees and they are produced from the sugary secretions of plants (nectar). Honey is collected from wild bee colonies or bee hives made domestically.

The use of honey is always a debated question which is recommended for weight loss as well as for weight gain. Honey contains 64 calories per table spoon when compared to the refined white sugar which contains 48 calories but why does honey reaches everybody’s kitchen shelves. It contains trace amounts of B vitamins, aminoacids and minerals but it’s really more nutritious than plain sugar.

Hydrogen contains hydrogen peroxide and propolis, a compound in nectar that kills bacteria and it was used as antiseptic as it helps in healing wounds. In traditional healing methods honey was used to treat gastro intestinal problems as it soothes stomach ulcers and it is also used to clear sore throats.

Honey can be classified into Multifloral honey and Monofloral Honey. Multifloral honey is basically collected from honey combs were the nectar is collected from different plants in the forest .They are referred to as the Wild Floral Honey. Monofloral honey is produced from nectar of a particular plant and there are wide varieties of monofloral honey in market like Sidr Honey, coriander honey, Tulsi Honey, Acacia honey etc. Blended Honey is available with various flavours by blending the required flavour, colour and texture.

Note: Never give honey to children under the age of 1 as it can cause botulism resulting in serious food poisoning.

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