Mughal Kitchen in Madurai

Mughal Kitchen in Madurai

•When I was told Mutton Chukka, a popular dish originates from Mutton Sukka of Maharashtra, I really got intrigued. I always knew Madurai is a mosaic culture with a rich history of over 2000 years leading to interactions of various communities. But never have I pondered over the development of a food culture due to such interactions. I thought I could just think about some delicacies that Mughals have gifted Madurai and tell the Emperors, a sumptuous thanks.

•Mutton Gola (Mutton Keema Balls) gets its name Gola for its round shape. In Hindi Gola means something round. It is said the delicious dish has its origins in Mughal Kitchen.

•Biriyani has its origins in Mughal Kitchen is a well known fact now. But it would be equally engaging to know that Parotta also has its origins in Mughal Kitchen.

•Mutton Chukka has its variants now such as Salted Chukka, Pepper Chukka and Oil Chukka which are popular in the rural sides of Madurai and are fast disappearing. Although Chukka originates from Sookka of Maharashtra, that again has its origins in Mughal Kitchen.

•No article on food culture of Madurai would reach a logical conclusion without referring to Jigarthanda. Jigarthanda, a Mughal delicacy has become the signature dish of Madurai itself. I would guarantee that every sip of the drink would make you feel like a Mughal Emperor.

•Sharbat, a drink that still gives softened beverages a run for their money also is a remnant of Mughal Conquest. Sharbat made with Nannari and lemon can truly be relished in its fullest delicacy quotient when you have it in a hot sunny afternoon.

•The Kulfiwalas of Madurai who roam around during the wee hours, while ringing their bells also deliver the messages from Baburs and Akbars to the posterity. Waking in late night and waiting for the kulfiwala still remains a sweet memory.

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