How to tell eggs are still fresh to eat?

How to tell eggs are still fresh to eat?

Eggs are considered to be one of the most nutritious foods in the world. It can be poached, hard boiled, oil fried and baked, just like the way we want it to be. In some places, eggs come in packed boxes with dates printed on it but sometimes you get eggs without the their packaging dates. So, how do you know that the eggs you have got from the shop are good to eat or what if you are panicking with a bunch of stale eggs just before you bake? This trick is something which I do before I start baking, and it has always saved me.

Take water (it should not be very cold or hot) in a bowl.

Slowly place your eggs on to the bowl.

If the eggs are fresh; they will sink to the bottom and it will lie down horizontally.

If the eggs start to tilt slightly with the pointed end touching the bottom, then it means they are few days old, but are still fresh to eat, and can be used for baking.

If the eggs stand vertically touching the bottom, then they are good for hard boiling.

If the eggs floats on the top; they are not good to eat.

The egg yolk should be stiff and firm for a perfect baking especially meringues. If the egg yolk has started to loosen up and is very flat when broken on a plate, it simply means that it is not good for consumption.

The science behind this trick:

Egg shells are porous in nature and when they are fresh, there is less intrusion of air into the egg. When the eggs starts getting older, air intrudes the shell with the passage of time, thus allowing the yolk to loosen up. The more air gets into the egg, the more it will make the eggs to float.

Try this trick and enrich your baking skills.

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