Benefits of Finger Millet (Ragi)

Benefits of Finger Millet (Ragi)

Finger millet (ragi) orginated in East Africa and its presence in India can be traced back to the late Harappan era. This millet is a farmer's food and is considered to be a healthy choice for everyone. This super grain is considered to be the best baby foods available, and is the best alternative to canned baby foods.

When used as a whole grain, it provides more proteins and minerals when compared to other millets. Ragi contains high amounts of calcium, therefore it is very good for women and children. Children with milk intolerance can be given ragi, as it is a good calcium supplement. In addition to calcium, ragi provides us with potassium and iron. It is gluten free, and is best suited for people with celiac disease.

Ragi contains the amino acid tryptophan that reduces appetite and other food cravings.One can digested it very slowly, as it keeps our stomach full, thereby reducing further calorie intake. Due to its high fibre content, it helps in keeping diabetes and other gastro-intestinal disorders at bay. Ragi is rich in amino acids and helps in bone formation, while at the same time eliminating fats and reducing cholesterol levels in the body.

It can be used in baking items such as breads, cookies and muffins. It can be used in making rotis, dosas, health drinks and also porridges.

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