Finding the best cheese in Madurai

Finding the best cheese in Madurai

'Cheese Corner' is Madurai's first and exclusive cheese shop. Being a food lover, I am familiar with different types of cheese

but to find cheese in Madurai was a difficult task.The new cheese shop in at Vallabai Road, in Chokkikulam Madurai offers a wide variety of cheese in their outlet.

Cheesemongers will be delighted to find a wide variety of cheese such as the Mascarpone, Cambrie, Edam Cheese, Bocconcini and Blue cheese. There is a wide variety of flavoured ones with Pepper slice, Mustard gouda, Green chilli cheese and Garlic slice.

The popular cheese liked by cheese lovers include Buffalo Mozzarella, Cheddar, Feta and Parmesan.

So Why Cheese?

Cheese is one of the richest sources of calcium, which is good for bones, and this can be added into the diet list of women and children. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, K2.

What you should know?

The fat content of cheese varies from each other with the Parmesan having 29 g of fat, where as the fat content of Cheddar cheese is 33 g per 100 gms. The lowest fat content is found in Indian Paneer, ie Cottage Cheese (4gm) and ricotta (11 gm).

People sensitive to dairy products should be aware of the adverse reactions it can cause. The conditions which can occur include eczema and migraine.

Stilton and gorgonzola, mature cheddar and all the ripened cheeses can cause migraine due to the presence of tyramine.

Cottage cheese, Cream cheese and Fresh goat milk's cheese are less likely to cause migraine.

People who are allergic to pencillin may have some reactions to blue cheese.

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