Is Coconut Sugar an alternative to Table sugar?

Is Coconut Sugar an alternative to  Table sugar?

Born in kerala how can one deny the goodness of Coconut. Coconut is one godly ingredient i would always have in my kitchen pantry. When a new product reaches our kitchen shelves we do a lot of research on the product and innumerable questions arise about the product. So let me tell you about Coconut Sugar.

What is Coconut Sugar?

It is a natural sugar made from coconut palm sap, which is the sugary circulating fluid of the coconut plant which called as Neera in India.

Is coconut sugar a better alternative for Table sugar ?

The calories present in one teaspoon of Coconut Sugar as well as the glycemic Index is a little less than the Table sugar. Coconut Sugar can replace Table sugar as a sweetner in beverages both hot and cold on a daily basis but it is not advised for diabetics. It is a healthier choice than table sugar but is worse than no sugar at all and using it sparingly will be a better choice.

So why should you have coconut sugar in your diet

•It is an unrefined product

•It contains traces of minerals like Calcium,Zinc ,Iron and potassium

•It contains vitamins and phytonutrients like polyphenols,flavanoids and anthocyanidins

•It contains a fibre called Inulin which helps to stimulate good gut bacteria which aids in good digestion.

•Low in Glycemic Index when compared to Table Sugar.

Note: Coconut Sugar /Jaggery is different from Palm Sugar/Jaggery

Product @ Focus : Coconut Sugar

Brand : Somah Wellness

Why to get this Product ?

Low Glycemic Index when compared to Table sugar

Contains Minerals like Iron, Calcium and Potassium

The Product mentioned above is my personal preference and I do not endorse them .

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